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What is PawPass?

PawPass is a member benefits marketplace that grants you access to an ad-free, ever-growing catalogue of exclusive perks from premium pet product and service providers. For a small monthly membership fee, you can shop and save on everything from trendy bow ties to natural supplements to custom pet beds — and we’re just getting started.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use PawPass each month, and all perks are verified to save you time finding the best products at the best prices. In short, we’re introducing a brand new way to spoil the dogs you hold dear.

What am I paying for?

We charge $2.50/month so we can:

1. Make good on our promise to eliminate advertising from the online shopping experience altogether.

2. Continue implementing features that enrich the lives of dog owners by satisfying unmet wants and needs.

3. Create the PawPass Fund to donate 10% of all proceeds to a cause worth caring about each month.

Since no money changes hands between us and the companies we promote, we can guarantee that all endorsements are authentic, all contributions are credible, and all savings are passed directly on to you!

Does the membership auto-renew?

Yes, your PawPass automatically renews each month on the date specified in your account settings, but you can cancel your membership at any time and continue using the platform for the entirety of the most recent month paid.

If you do opt to cancel, you can also reactivate your membership at your sole discretion by logging back into your account.

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